Cherry Blossoms
This project was very extensive. It required significant tree removals and massive excavation to total transform this property.
cherry tree, roses, sudbury, MA, excavation, oak, lilacs, copper panels, bluestone patio, sod
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Cherry Blossoms

Sudbury, MA

About the Property

This project was very extensive, requiring significant tree removal and massive excavation to totally transform this property.


We were contacted by these clients after a long search on their part to find the right contractor with a vision. We became that firm. Our clients wanted to transform a dark, heavily wooded, steeply sloped back piece of property into a terraced park-like retreat for themselves and their beloved dogs. This required the selective thinning and removal of more than one hundred 130’ tall pines to expose and showcase the few old growth majestic oaks within the forest. These oaks became the structure of their new expansive sunlit back yard. All the stumps were removed, and extensive excavation was performed to expand the lower immediate back yard, leveling and grading the large upper area to be developed into their park-like upper parterre.

“After meeting with several landscape architectural firms for our project, we were thankful to have found Kevin. His vision for our back yard was exactly what we were looking for and more. The transformation that occurred on our property was nothing short of magnificent. Andy and I would highly recommend Kevin and his company for any landscaping project you may be considering.”
– Andy & Bob

A private artesian well with state-of-the-art controls was drilled and developed to irrigate this large property. Extensive drains were installed to control both surface and roof run-off.


Hundreds of feet of stone retaining walls were built to retain the upper lawn area, incorporating wide antique granite steps. A cobblestone-lined pea-stone path was installed to lead to a gracious fountain that is the focal point of the upper yard.


Extensive plantings including large flowering cherry trees and ever-blooming roses were installed along the path, providing structure and a focus for the fountain. The entire perimeter of the property was planted to provide a vast array of color and texture for twelve months of the year.


A raised bluestone patio with radius stone sitting wall replaced an old wooden deck. This patio was framed by flowering lilacs and lush low plantings. The entire lawn area was prepared with own compost, and large rolls of sod were installed for instant use of the property.


The exterior trim on both front and rear was renovated under our direction to dramatically increase the character and feel of the home. Copper panels and extensive flashing were also installed where ice dams and water back-up were a problem.